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Go, Bernie!

For those who don't know - these are the first presidential elections that I am going to cast my ballot since becoming a U.S. citizen in 2013. And as many can tell, I am going to vote for Bernie Sanders for several reasons. 1) His campaign is funded by the people, and I am one of those who gave him about $100 by now. Hillary takes $$$ from SuperPACs, and nobody knows who's behind them - it could be modern dictators like Putin of Russia or Aliyev of Azerbaijan, or drug cartels, or NRA. This is bad - he who pays the piper calls the tune, remember that! 2) Bernie wants to bring change to the U.S., which is one of the 2 nations with no federal maternity leave on the books. The other one is Papua New Guinea. He also wants to make healthcare affordable, so that those of us not in the corporate world can go see a doctor without thinking whether it'll break our budget. 3) He wants kids in the U.S. to have a chance to earn education without being indebted forever. This should appeal to many currently burdened by student loans. 4) If you wonder how he wants to fund it - Bernie suggests increasing taxes for the rich, which should be fair. If one day my salary is going to be more than a million dollars (U.S. dollars, not those from Zimbabwe), I think I'd be able to afford myself living on a much lesser amount. When I was granted asylum in the U.S. 10 years ago the U.S. govt gave a me an $80 check/week until I found my first job. I used it all for groceries, not beer or smokes. Not that I had parties, but I didn't starve to death. 5) Bernie wants to bring change, to ensure that in the 21st century women, native Americans, minorities, immigrants, African Americans are all treated equal to white men. That we all enjoy equal rights and equal pay. He is against fracking and for clean energy. He wants to stop building jails, and use money to build schools. I think this is right. Lastly, he fought for civil rights, whereas Hillary-affiliated Podesta Group accepts money from dictators in Russia and Azerbaijan, and just a few years after Uzbek dictator Islam Karimov personally oversaw a massacre in Andijan she told him that the country's human rights record was excellent. This disgusts me to this day! I understand that many think that Bernie won't be able to accomplish everything that he says. No president can do so. If you want to have the change that he is promising, voting for Bernie is just a first small step. We have to keep the ball rolling, and vote for progressives on all levels and in all elections. We need to demand change every time there's an opportunity, and get rid of all those who obstruct reforms! ‪#‎GoBernie‬!!

If you want to volunteer

Folks, I'm sure many of you are helping out with disaster relief efforts, but if you're unsure how you can help check out this link: http://interoccupy.net/occupysandy/sandy-volunteer-update-for-sat-113-sun-114/. I donated cooked food and warm clothes to these folks, and spent last night helping them distribute supplies in Coney Island. Also, if you want to donate - people need blankets, flashlights, and candles the most. We ran out of them at the distribution spot really quick.

Heading back to the Whites:)!!

I guess it's now a tradition for me to head to NH mountains as many times a year as I can - it's gorgeous there:). 


Off to the White mts for the long w-e!!

And you get out to the nature too!!


Позвали меня в общем на брифинг по полит.заключенным в Центральной Азии, который проводился комиссией по безопасности и сотрудничеству в Европе. Рассказал сегодня членам комиссии и гостям о журналистах попавших в тюрьмы Узбекистана и Кыргызстана в отместку за свою работу, сейчас уже еду домой. Если кому интересно, тут можно почитать текст моего выступления, а тут вебсайт самой комиссии.


Я остаюсь:)!

Работу в Вашингтоне мне предложили, но я от нее отказался чем шокировал очень многих. Причины разные, и я еще не до конца осознал своё решение и его последствия. Не знаю, правильно поступил или нет, но назад пути уже нет - только вперёд. Радует то, что вперёд идти мне есть с кем - я больше не single (в смысле начал встречаться с очень замечательной девушкой). Вот такие дела, с понедельником вас, народ!!